From Friday evening to Sunday afternoon you will hear energizing keynote presentations from leaders in sports, energy and consciousness -  participate in panel discussions with athletes and coaches who have performed with OMNI Athlete principles at the highest levels of competition - and learn directly from world-class teachers with breakout sessions that help you integrate everything you learn into your body.

This is an EXPERIENTIAL conference. Expect to move and be on your feet. Wear comfortable shoes, athletic clothes you can move in and bring a notepad.

This experiential weekend is offered for coaches, trainers, recreational athletes, individuals who wish to realize their latent abilities and competitive players interested in taking their teaching to the next level.

You’re invited to be a part of it! 
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Barry Robbins

OMNI Athlete
Nationally Ranked Athlete, ITP Lineage Holder & Co-Founder
Learn from one of the Co-founders of OMNI Athlete, Vice President of ITP International and senior teacher and lineage holder of ITP (Integral Transformative Practice), co-founded by human potential visionaries George Leonard and Michael Murphy.

Experiment with transformation of the body, from the ordinary to the extraordinary and how you can create an integral practice that fits within the busy life of an athlete - just as Barry did to become a nationally ranked athlete.

“You can train your emotions and be who you want to be.”